Amandin's Tigernut Drink is a Flavorful Alternative to Milk

 - May 10, 2016
References: amandin & vegansupply
Tigernuts, water and cane sugar are the three simple ingredients that are used in this alternative to milk from Amandín.

The Organic Tigernut Horchata can be consumed either hot or cold and with its creamy consistency and color, it makes a convincing substitute for conventional milk. The Organic Tigernut drink comes in two types, one that is plain and a second variety that's sweetened with agave.

Over the past few years, sales of almond milk have been surging, while the market for cow's milk has taken a hit. With a rise in health and environmental consciousness, many consumers are opting to purchase plant-based milk alternatives, especially since there are now so many inventive options on the market. Outside of tigernuts, there are also non-dairy milk drinks being made from everything from buckwheat to quinoa.