- Jul 3, 2016
These June 2016 wellness trends range from dried salad snacks to innovative smartphone accessories that protect one's device while tracking sun exposure and one's overall skin health. When looking at the month's best-selling food and beverage products, healthy snacks are resonating most with modern consumers.

Standouts include dried salad packs and flavored broccoli bites that replace fatty and sugar-filled alternatives. Similarly, convenient and plant-based meal kits are making at-home nutrition easy while appealing to urban dwellers with a busy lifestyle.

Moreover, these June 2016 wellness trends also include unique marketing strategies like posture-correcting billboards and motivational anti-smoke apps. The latter examples helps mobile users quit smoking with the aid of motivational quotes that help to ensure that one's nicotine cravings are curbed.

From Dried Salad Snacks to Skin Health Smartphone Accessories: