The oDocs Eye Care 'visoScope' Performs an Eye Test with an iPhone

 - May 4, 2016
References: odocs-tech & gizmag
Ensuring proper eye health means getting an eye test on a regular basis to ensure everything is as it should be, so the oDocs Eye Care 'visoScope' is here to offer a new solution.

Slipping onto the rear of a smartphone, the oDocs Eye Care 'visoScope' works by offering doctors the ability to peer into the eye of a patient without a complex machine. This increase the capabilities of doctors to perform eye tests in remote areas with just the oDocs Eye Care 'visoScope' and a smartphone in hand.

Available now for preorder, the oDocs Eye Care 'visoScope' is priced at $249 with another device, the 'visoClip,' priced at $149. The products show the capabilities that could be possible with the continued implementation of a smartphone in the professional field.