From Calming Serenity Pods to Natural Sleep Kits

 - Dec 25, 2015
Chances are, you know someone who leads a stress-filled life who could do with a break every once in a while—so spoil them with pampering gifts when they need it most. Addressing self-care first makes it that much simpler to return to one's duties feeling revived, inspired and completely refreshed. Some of the most creative ways to pamper a loved one include products infused with aromatherapy benefits, soothing gadgets, as well as tools for self-massage.

One of the best thing about pampering gifts is that they can be incredibly affordable when approached as a DIY project. With a few household ingredients, it's often easy to whip up healing face masks, bath melts, body scrubs and other feel-good remedies.

These relaxing gift ideas are ideal for those learning to cope with increasingly busy lifestyles.