Saje's Konjac Kare Sponges Use Yams, Green Tea, Aloe and Charcoal

 - Jul 28, 2015
References: saje
Konjac sponges are traditional cleansing sponges from Japan that have long been revered as part of a healthy beauty routine. The all-natural sponges are made from konjac vegetable fiber and to improve their healing benefits, Saje also adds clay and other natural extracts from charcoal bamboo, yam, green tea and aloe. As a result, these cleansing sponges are ideal for taking precautions against the formation of free radicals and protecting the surface of skin against harmful UV rays.

Out of the eco-friendly packages, the sponges emerge dry and hard. To use, the sponges must be submerged in water for a few seconds in order to help it suck up moisture. Once it has been softened, it can be used as an exfoliant. Unlike a fabric face cloth that would need to be washed after use to prevent the spread of bacteria, this sponge simply needs to be air dried before returned to the bamboo carrying case until its next use.