From Minimalist Scent Diffusers to De-Stressing Bath Kits

 - Aug 24, 2016
These at-home wellness innovations range from de-stressing bath kits to minimalist scent diffusers that purify and beautify the air in one's home. When looking at inventive bath products, preservative-free bath oils and organic soap kits stand out while curated candle subscriptions cater to lovers of unique home decor. Additionally, examples like ingredient-based beauty kits give consumers the tools needed to create at-home natural remedies rather than opting for store-bought toiletries.

When examining notable aromatherapy products, allergen-reducing room sprays and natural fragrances top this list. These include herb and fruit-based scents that are gaining attention among mass audiences. In terms of design, products like solid perfumes or shampoo bars are more popular than ever thanks to their focus on mobility and convenience -- making them ideal for those that travel frequently or those seeking portable products while on the go.