Skinfood's 'Foodtherapy' Stick Perfumes Uplift the Mind and Body

 - Mar 25, 2016
References: eng.theskinfood
Skinfood's trio of solid aromatherapy perfume products are packed with pleasing scents from fruits and vegetables that boasts a different property.

While the No. 2 Energy Berry fragrance is designed to banish tiredness with its invigorating scent, No. 5 Steam Milk does just the opposite, promising to help the body relax for bedtime with the scent of milk and lavender. For the best benefits, Skinfood suggests applying these therapeutic beauty products to the pulse points, as well as go-to perfume places like the wrists and behind the ears.

In addition to looking for products that will make them look, feel and smell more beautiful, many Asian consumers are gravitating towards items with properties that will improve their mood or energy levels.