- Sep 5, 2017
These uniquely scented fragrances range from pet-inspired scents to perfumes that reference the aroma of iced coffee beverages. While standouts like Demeter's 'Kitten Fur' fragrance target serious animal lovers, others like Britney Spears' 'Private Show' perfume fuse botanical notes with those inspired by the singer's favorite caffeinated drink.

Other uniquely scented fragrances to note include Byredo's 'Super Cedar' release which alters its notes over time, differing according to the person wearing it. Similarly, the luxury label's upcoming IKEA collaboration will explore the scents associated with the design retailer through a physical perfume.

Hyper-customized perfumes and multisensory fragrances round off this list and illustrate the beauty industry's dedication to create highly personal and distinct product offerings that target authenticity-seeking Millennials.

From Pet-Inspired Scents to Iced Coffee Perfume Lines: