Melanie Martinez's Cry Baby Perfume Milk Features a Nostalgic Scent

 - Oct 27, 2016
References: crybabybottle & bustle
Former 'The Voice' contestant Melanie Martinez is set to launch an unusual new fragrance called Cry Baby Perfume Milk. While the idea of a perfume inspired by milk may sound strange, the scent is the perfect complement to the singer's upcoming album 'Cry Baby.' As Martinez herself explains, "I'm very excited for people to not only smell it but also have another piece of the Cry Baby album."

The Cry Baby Perfume Milk itself is milky white in color, yet goes on clear when sprayed. The fragrance is designed to have a sweet and nostalgic scent that has both dark and fruity notes mixed with unexpected smells such as strawberry milk, baby lotion accord and lipstick accord. To complement the nostalgia-inducing smell, the perfume is packaging in a vintage-style baby bottle that comes covered in confetti.