- Jul 18, 2018
With personalized perfume shops, bespoke fragrances and scent-mixing kits becoming more common around the world, discovering—or creating—a truly signature scent is more accessible for the average consumer than ever.

While there are plenty of high-end brands that make a point to offer bespoke fragrance services, a number of products are being launched to give consumers the freedom to mix and match their own creative scent combinations. Examples of this include kits that encourage blending and layering, as well as dedicated fragrance enhancers. One of the most unique examples takes the form of Lo Loves' Graffiti Art Collection, which boasts spray can-like packaging to artfully build one scent atop another.

To introduce the next generation of fragrances as more than pleasing scents, Givaudan created a small batch of functional "active perfume" products to protect the wearer's microbiome.

From Personalized Perfume Boutiques to Fragrance Blending Kits: