Sillages Paris Targets Millennials with Simple, Custom Scents

27-year-old entrepreneur Maxime Garcia-Janin created Sillages Paris to reintroduce perfume to the Millennial generation, which has become largely disenchanted with the traditional world of perfume.

Rather than offering a single, covetable scent, Sillages Paris distinguishes itself as an online-only retailer of high-end, customizable scents. On the perfume brand's website, users are able to answer a few simple questions and have their bespoke scent created with the aid of an algorithm—which will only provide combinations that have been validated by trusted perfumers.

When choosing to order a custom perfume, a user has the option of getting their bottle delivered with its testing sample, or receive their personalized product as part of a boxed set with two similar scents. As an online-only business and one that is based entirely on scent, Sillages Paris offers free shipping, returns and reimburses consumers who are not completely satisfied.