- Dec 15, 2018
If your buying for the fashion-forward individual, then this list of gifts for OFF-WHITE fans will, without a doubt, serve as inspiration.

Overall, 2018 was a big year for streetwear as the industry began rapidly expanding, with a few top players leading the way. One of them is Virgil Abloh and his OFF-WHITE label. Known for its utilitarian and labeling approach to design, the brand has gone on to be a staple of contemporary streetwear culture.

The list of gifts for OFF-WHITE fans includes some exclusive drops and collection by the brand itself but it also boasts some inspiring pieces that might prove to be a bit more affordable. After Ice Cream and Daily Food Feed's OFF-DIET bag, for example, is a humorously quirky gift for chic individuals.

From Bold Photography Bags to Exclusive Marbled Streetwear: