- Jan 13, 2019
From seasonal skincare to edible perfume launches this list of 2019 cosmetic trends offers consumers the latest in makeup activations, tools and products. Makeup is the perfect tool for self-expression, and brands leveraged this by being more inclusive than ever. Brands like Morphe cosmetics tapped the YouTuber and influencer Bretman Rock for a whimsical campaign, while Taeheon Kim launched the the Croono Makeup Brushes, which were designed specifically for men.

Moreover, KKW Beauty opted to hire a more age-inclusive range of models in an effort to promote the Three-Step Concealer Kits. This campaign featured socialite Kim Kardashian, her mother, Kris Jenner, and grandmother M.J. Shannon. On a similar note, Babor and the All Woman Project Promoted a more realistic beauty standard, by launching an unretouched beauty campaign that was modeled by a diverse group of women.

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From Seasonal Skincare to Edible Perfume Launches: