The Winky Lux Experience is Styled as a Photo-Friendly Retail Museum

 - Aug 14, 2018
References: winkylux & racked
While some brick-and-mortar stores are struggling to draw in shoppers and collapsing, "retail museum" concepts are thriving by creating large-scale, immersive and fantastical settings for shoppers that are designed for sharing on social media.

Wiky Lux has become known for whimsical products like its clear lip products, which feature real flowers inside. As such, its first-ever fully immersive experience store in NYC recently opened and shares the same fun spirit. As Winky Lux co-founder Natalie Mackey jokingly describes: "If you don’t understand what Winky Lux is about when you walk through the door, well, we sort of beat you over the head with it!"

'The Winky Lux Experience' is a teen-targeted pop-up centered around imagination and "shareable content," complete with "clouds" to sit on, rainbow-colored walls, an infinity room filled with mirrors and a tiny coffee room.