The ISEI Store in Kiev is Just 30 Square Meters in Size

At ISEI, consumers can find a wide range of beauty products, household goods, personal care items and small accessories—all within an ultra-compact small beauty shop that comes in at just about 30 square meters or just over 320 square feet.

Although the store might seem as if it is set in a dense urban area of an Asian city, the ISEI beauty shop is actually situated in Kiev. However, the store boasts an "Asian mood" concept and when it came to setting up the interior scheme for the shop, Adesign Studio created a design to tell this story through visual cues.

In addition to being able to find top-selling and premium products from Korea and Japan within the small-scale ISEI store, consumers will also note bamboo details, stands where mobile devices can be charged, as well as a friendly panda mascot.