- Feb 6, 2019
In recent years, retail concept design has been significantly refined and perfected by businesses. Recognizing the power and growing consciousness of consumers, companies are looking toward hybridization, convenience-focused arrangements and immersive environments to draw attention to physical store locations.

To accentuate the aesthetics of the retail concept design, many brands are tapping artists for in-store installations that sometimes bear educational value. For example, Olderbrother's Venice shop features a shroom-themed display that hints at the ethical and sustainable advantages of fungi. Other shops are more sensory oriented — from Lemonade Studio's illusory interior to Eduard Eremchuk's fuzzy store decor.

Another accelerating movement with regard to retail concept design is the approach of combining multiple services under one roof — this includes a space that boasts a shop, a cafe, and a co-working space, one that combines a shop, a tea bar, a lounge room, and a restaurant, as well as a coffee-floral store combination.

From Illusory Retail Shops to Serene Retail Experiences: