Antonio García Cárceles Creates a Youthful Aesthetic for KLING

 - Oct 24, 2018
References: garciacarceles &
Madrid-based designer Antonio García Cárceles is tasked to create a visually appealing and consumer-engaging fashion identity for KLING. For the project, the creative focuses on the design preferences of the Millennial audience — the brand's target demographic. The youthful quality is communicated through a fashion identity that builds on color, contemporary movements, and industrial sensibilities.

Antonio García Cárceles creates promotional materials for KLING that embrace flat design and quirky graphics with a retro flair. Moreover, the brand's brick-and-mortar location is the component that most accurately reflects the intended visual perception of the brand. A whimsical contrast is reached within the interior of the shop through the incorporation of playful and boldly colored fixtures on a relatively plain industrial-style backdrop. Moreover, the neon wall art further contributes to the contemporary fashion identity of KLING.