Waft Helps Consumers Create Personalized Perfume Products

 - Aug 12, 2017
References: waft
Waft specializes in helping consumers create personalized perfume products, including everything from a customized scent to a bottle with a name on it.

Online, Waft invites consumers into its 'WaftLab,' which helps to narrow down a few choices for building a perfume for oneself or as a gift for another. After selecting a few traits for the perfume product, users are able to select up to three ingredients that sound appealing, including everything from sesame and raspberry to "ocean." Finally, consumers are able to make note of any store-bought perfumes that they are fond of so that the brand's team of fragrance experts may craft a perfect fragrance.

Alongside receiving a custom fragrance, customers can expect to receive a set of 'Mini You' fragrances for layering with their personalized perfume product from Waft.