- May 16, 2018
The world of fragrance is being turned on its head by eco-friendly perfume products that favor sustainable packaging, clean ingredients and non-irritating, allergy-friendly formulas. While brands like KIERIN NYC and PHLUR create gender-neutral scents that minimize their impact on the environment, Skylar focuses on making 100% hypoallergenic fragrance formulas. Large-scale beauty brands are also striving to support sustainability and health, with a great example being L’Oréal's Roger & Gallet brand launching fragrant formulas containing up to 90% natural ingredients.

To address the fact that many consumers are becoming disenchanted by traditional fragrance products, Sillages Paris emerged as a Millennial-created and Millennial-targeted perfume brand that sells online-only customizable fragrances. As well as featuring vegan, cruelty-free formulas, the products from Sillages include natural and sustainable ingredients.

From Recycled Waste Perfumes to Sustainable Genderless Fragrances: