Louis Vuitton is Now Letting Consumers Refill Their Perfume Bottles

 - Apr 11, 2017
References: us.louisvuitton & luxurylaunches
Those who purchase a fragrance product from Louis Vuitton now have the chance to go to their nearest Louis Vuitton boutique for a refillable perfume incentive, rather than throwing away their bottle.

Considering that many consumers choose to purchase fragrance products for the collectible perfume bottles that they come in, this new program gives perfume consumers the chance to prolong the life of their favorite bottles, rather than just hold onto them as empty keepsakes. The process of refilling the bottles in-store uses a special set of tools that doesn't require the bottle to be opened or compromised by exposure to air.

Knowing that many environmentally conscious consumers are just as interested the end life of a product as they are using it for the first time, many brands are now including ways that products and packaging can be refilled or repurposed.