- Jun 28, 2017
These examples of experiential mixology range from liquor-branded VR train tours to electrically charged cocktails that illustrate the purity of alternative fuel sources. When looking at memorable brand activations, Bombay Sapphire's 'The Grand Journey' is an experience to take note of.

The VR train tour which transports London residents to destinations like Ghana and Tuscany with the help of immersive technology. While virtually travelling, participants are given a chance to learn about Bombay Sapphire's botanical ingredient mixes and their origins.

Other standouts in the realm of experiential mixology include Tanqueray's No. Ten tasting experience which involves collaborative recipes with perfumers, along with Grey Goose's Mixology Experience event which transported participants to locations like Nantucket, and The Hamptons via a branded helicopter while promoting signature recipes.

From Car Fuel-Infused Cocktails to Perfume-Themed Drink Menus: