The Tanqueray No. Ten Tasting is in Partnership with Perfumers

 - Apr 3, 2017
References: eventmagazine
As part of a push to more fully engage its consumers in the experience of the brand, iconic gin label Tanqueray has teamed up with perfumers for a series of special Tanqueray No. Ten tasting sessions. While the sessions will of course feature cocktails made with Tanqueray No. Ten, they are focused on merging consumers' senses, blending scent and taste seamlessly thanks to the strategies of the perfumers involved.

The Tanqueray No. Ten tasting sessions are the product of a partnership between the gin brand, a top luxury perfumer, and professional bartenders and mixologists from Beaufort Bar and American Bar at the Savoy Hotel. The sessions feature three different types of cocktails, each of which highlight the connection between fragrance and mixology.