- Apr 24, 2018
These examples of alcoholic beverage packaging range from coaster-infused wine bottles to glowing gin labels. When it comes to packaging, more and more alcohol brands are embracing solutions that promote convenience over traditional luxury. This is illustrated with the growing prevalence of compact and canned wine offerings along with single serve spirits that would otherwise be available in larger bottles. Standouts include Rosia's boxed rosé cartons which were conceived by Designhore studio, and the Jack Daniels Father's Day gift pack which includes a small bottle of the famed spirit along with an exclusive tumbler for instant enjoyment.

Other alcoholic beverage packaging examples to note include BrewDog's Beer for Girls packaging which celebrates and encourages female empowerment, along with minimalist studio's conceptual Chanel No. 5 champagne bottles which pay tribute to the elegant and timeless fragrance by the luxury French fashion house.

From Coaster-Topped Wine Bottles to Glowing Gin Labels: