Hidden Curiosities Gin Features a Double-Sided Label

 - Dec 18, 2017
References: roystonlabels
Hidden Curiosities is a company known for its unique approach to gin distilling. With its dark, vintage-inspired branding and carefully concocted recipe (which combines 20 different botanicals), Hidden Curiosities is a gin that demands a different class of packaging.

Enter Royston Labels, a Hertfordshire-based label manufacturer that specialises in innovative, cutting-edge production techniques. To create packaging worthy of this special gin, Royston utilized its expertise to print on both sides of the label.

On the front of the bottle, the Hidden Curiosities branding is set against a deep black background, embellished with white line work and vivid foiling. When the bottle is turned around, the reverse of the label can be seen through the glass; this portion was printed to display an intricate purple and black illustration, with gorgeous copper detailing that matches the foiling on the front.

The real beauty of this clever packaging is that it enables a variety of differing visual effects – move the bottle around in the light and the precious liquid inside will distort the design, causing it to shift and swirl hypnotically.

For gin connoisseurs and lovers of beautiful packaging, this is one bottle that will definitely earn a place on the shelf.