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Conceptual Floating Communities

1 Conceptual Floating Communities

The Proposed 'Floating Offshore Community' is Set in Hong Kong • 1,668 views
Modular Rug Furniture

2 Modular Rug Furniture

Front's Modular Rugs Can Fold Up to Be an Extra Chair at Your Dinner Party • 1,271 views
20 Affordable Gifts for Valentine

3 20 Affordable Gifts for Valentine's Day

From Heart-Shaped Cookware to Rose-Infused Bath Bombs • 1,144 views
Handheld Edge-to-Edge Consoles

4 Handheld Edge-to-Edge Consoles

This PSP Concept Puts Controls onto the Immersive Screen • 1,029 views
eCommerce Bargain Shops

5 eCommerce Bargain Shops

Items from Amazon's '$10 & Under' Collection Ship for Free • 616 views
Vitamin-Focused Produce Branding

6 Vitamin-Focused Produce Branding

Agrohub Highlights the Vitamin Content of Fruits, Fish and More • 599 views
Lavish Worldly T-Shirts

7 Lavish Worldly T-Shirts

Balenciaga Released a Series of New Over-Sized City-Themed T-Shirts • 502 views
Monolithic Ski Lodges

8 Monolithic Ski Lodges

'Stage of Forest' is a Mysterious Mountaintop Lookout • 291 views
Accessible Commuter E-Bikes

9 Accessible Commuter E-Bikes

The Elby 9-Speed Offers Comfort, Storage, and Versatility • 257 views
Experimental Japanese Whiskies

10 Experimental Japanese Whiskies

Suntory's Newest Japanese Whisky Collection is Unique and Exclusive • 252 views
In-Store Grocery Shopping Trackers

11 In-Store Grocery Shopping Trackers

A New Adobe Cloud Platform Could Track Shoppers in Real Time • 209 views
26 Digital Escapist Destinations

12 26 Digital Escapist Destinations

From Meditative Tree Houses to Secluded Cabin Experiments • 203 views
Personality-Inspired Fragrances

13 Personality-Inspired Fragrances

Target is Launching the Exclusive Fragrance Brand 'Good Chemistry' • 200 views
Conceptual Floating Chapels

14 Conceptual Floating Chapels

Denizen Works Will Build a Boat That Doubles as a Church • 183 views
Customized Streetwear Pop-Ups

15 Customized Streetwear Pop-Ups

Off-White's Pop-Up Will Customize Clothes with Exclusive Numbers • 171 views
60s Film-Inspired Luxury Cars

16 60s Film-Inspired Luxury Cars

The Ford Mustang Bullitt Comes in Dark Highland Green • 157 views
Inclusive Sensual Indie Games

17 Inclusive Sensual Indie Games

The NSFWare Video Game Shows Intimacy in a More Realistic Way • 148 views
Luxurious Hybrid Spirits

18 Luxurious Hybrid Spirits

Penthouse's New Whiskey-Tequila Combines Two Popular Spirits in One • 126 views
Thermoelectric Energy Watches

19 Thermoelectric Energy Watches

The Matrix PowerWatch X is Entirely Powered by Body Heat • 112 views
Designer-Backed Empowerment Platforms

20 Designer-Backed Empowerment Platforms

Rebecca Minkoff is Launching the RM Superwomen Campaign • 107 views


Top 100 Tech Trends of 2018

1 Top 100 Tech Trends of 2018

From Automated Meal Appliances to Virtual Reality Arcades • 68,810 views
65 Innovations from CES 2018

2 65 Innovations from CES 2018

From Air-Powered Batteries to Autonomous Retail Vehicles • 10,348 views
45 Personalized Product Experiences

3 45 Personalized Product Experiences

From Customized Whiskey Blends to In-Store Sneaker Creators • 2,357 views
Norwegian Artist Hubs

4 Norwegian Artist Hubs

This Northern Norway Work-Space is Built to Spark Artistic Work • 2,322 views
Revived 90s Fashions

5 Revived 90s Fashions

The Ralph Lauren's 2018 Snow Beach Collection Celebrates Iconic Looks • 2,142 views
Chromatic Home Concepts

6 Chromatic Home Concepts

'Yellow Door House' is Punctuated by Pops of Color • 2,075 views
54 Cryptocurrency Revolutions

7 54 Cryptocurrency Revolutions

From Cash-Free Cafes to Crypto-Based Pop Groups • 2,039 views
Micro Housing-Relief Initiatives

8 Micro Housing-Relief Initiatives

These Hong Kong Micro Apartments are in Concrete Pipes • 1,661 views
Alternative Camping Cabins

9 Alternative Camping Cabins

The Small-Space 'Rolling Huts' are a Modern Camping Alternative • 1,650 views
Architectural Memo Pads

10 Architectural Memo Pads

Triad's Omoshiro Blocks Reveal 3D Models as Its Pages are Torn Away • 1,649 views
Modular Adventure Packs

11 Modular Adventure Packs

The 'VINTA Type II' is Perfect for Adventurers with a Sense of Style • 1,636 views
34 Affordable Skincare Products

12 34 Affordable Skincare Products

From Caffeinated Eye Creams to Minimalist Gender-Neutral Skincare • 1,422 views
Modern Holiday Houses

13 Modern Holiday Houses

Herbert Hussmann Created Two Modern Vacation Homes Outside of Berlin • 1,421 views
Tech-Integrated Outdoor Furniture

14 Tech-Integrated Outdoor Furniture

Nocturnal Beasts is a Series of Furniture for Teenagers • 1,313 views
Luxury Vintage SUVs

15 Luxury Vintage SUVs

Mercedes-Benz Redefined Its Vintage Collection with Modern Tech • 1,291 views
Quirky Graphic Design Illustrations

16 Quirky Graphic Design Illustrations

YeahYeahChloe Comments on Society Through Pastel Graphics • 1,266 views
Futuristic Fast Food Concepts

17 Futuristic Fast Food Concepts

McDonald's 'Experience of the Future' Eateries Are Now Open in Asia • 1,188 views
Sleep-Inducing Headbands

18 Sleep-Inducing Headbands

The Philips SmartSleep Uses Innovative Sensors to Promote a Healthy Sleep • 1,152 views
Concrete Canvas Designs

19 Concrete Canvas Designs

Designer Neal Aronowitz Designs with a Ground-Breaking New Material • 1,077 views
Comfy Yolk-Inspired Seats

20 Comfy Yolk-Inspired Seats

The Yolk Chair is Inspired by Eggs • 1,061 views


100 Gifts for Fitness Buffs

1 100 Gifts for Fitness Buffs

From Run-Analyzing Sneakers to Collapsing Protein Containers • 107,102 views
100 Gifts for the Traveler

2 100 Gifts for the Traveler

From Biometric Luggage Locks to Insulated Adventure Hoodies • 90,179 views
100 Kitchen Gadget Gifts

3 100 Kitchen Gadget Gifts

From Gripping Egg Spatulas to Speedy Stone Mill Grinders • 73,309 views
100 Presents for Boyfriends

4 100 Presents for Boyfriends

From Double Duty Smartphone Cases to Gilded Liquor Chillers • 69,921 views
100 Presents for Girlfriends

5 100 Presents for Girlfriends

From Mini Face Mask Sets to Modular Multi-Room Speakers • 57,929 views
100 Presents for Coworkers

6 100 Presents for Coworkers

From Stress-Reducing Desk Gardens to Pumpkin Spice-Scented Lotions • 52,425 views
70 Gifts Ideas for Students

7 70 Gifts Ideas for Students

From Flask Bracelets to Compact Meal Appliances • 50,562 views
100 Gifts for the Millennial

8 100 Gifts for the Millennial

From Zodiac-Celebrating T-Shirts to Clarifying Charcoal Shampoos • 49,648 views
75 Gen Z Gift Ideas

9 75 Gen Z Gift Ideas

From Emoji Makeup Brushes to Influencer-Branded Clothing Lines • 48,771 views
100 Presents for the Hipster

10 100 Presents for the Hipster

From Artisanal Shoe Shine Kits to Portable Cold Brew Pouches • 46,662 views
80 Dog Lover Gift Ideas

11 80 Dog Lover Gift Ideas

From Pet Portrait Shoes to Canine Camping Equipment • 43,558 views
100 Gifts for the Chef

12 100 Gifts for the Chef

From Chili-Centric Advent Calendars to Swiss Army Kitchen Tools • 40,512 views
50 Mindfulness-Themed Gifts

13 50 Mindfulness-Themed Gifts

From Art-Adorned Yoga Mats to Meditation-Encouraging Decor • 39,214 views
70 Presents for Cat Lovers

14 70 Presents for Cat Lovers

From Kitty Fitness Trackers to Whimsical Cat Caves • 37,945 views
90 Presents for Beer Lovers

15 90 Presents for Beer Lovers

From Personalized Homebrew Kits to Lager-Infused Sausages • 37,934 views
100 Gifts for College Kids

16 100 Gifts for College Kids

From Novelty Pizza Lighting to Mobile Workstation Bags • 36,732 views
90 Gifts for the Music Lover

17 90 Gifts for the Music Lover

From Rapper Lipstick Lines to Affordable Modular Instruments • 35,057 views
100 Presents for Sisters

18 100 Presents for Sisters

From Noise-Cancelling Earbuds to Novelty Pizza Lighting • 34,769 views
50 Gifts for Introverts

19 50 Gifts for Introverts

These Introvert Gifts Include Novelty Soaps and Ironic Apparel • 34,572 views
60 Gift Ideas for the Gamer

20 60 Gift Ideas for the Gamer

From Goo-Shaped Controllers to Chromatic PC Keyboards • 33,197 views