- Sep 14, 2018
From beetroot soy spreads to fermented hot sauce infused with hibiscus, the gourmet condiment space is experiencing rampant innovation pushed forward by an experimental spirit and a continued interest in flavor reversal. Additionally, larger food and beverage movements such as botanical infusion and fermentation are also creating new condiment experiences of note.

A great example of this successful experimentation in terms of condiment flavor crossovers is Sabatino Tartufi's Truffle-Infused Maple Syrup. The elevated maple syrup offers the subtle and sweet tasting notes of amber maple syrup with the earthy affect of truffle.

Separately, the Fermented Hot Sauce with Hibiscus by Ciuffulli is an "elegant and edgy" approach that incorporates both a current obsession with fermentation for its many health benefits and the infusion of botanical elements.

From Maple Vinegar Condiments to Fermented Hibiscus Hot Sauces: