Pereg's 'Sriracha Thai-Style Seasoning' is a Dry Spice Mix

The sudden surge in popularity of Sriracha, the famous fiery red Asian chili condiment, a few years ago has inspired the creation of many spicy spinoff sauces and products—and now Pereg Natural Foods is offering a dry spice mix that promises to infuse one's dishes with more than just flavor.

The Sriracha Thai-Style Seasoning mix is made with a blend of piquant chili, cayenne peppers and paprika extracts, as well as garlic, salt, sugar, natural flavors, vinegar, corn starch and a rice hull concentrate that helps to prevent clumping.

Beyond just helping to add immense flavor to one's cooking, Pereg notes that the Sriracha Thai-Style Seasoning "also offers a wealth of health benefits. Its ingredients are known to help boost metabolism and endorphins, enhance mood and memory, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, help the body fight inflammation, and improve circulation."