From Nutty Botanical Lattes to Artisan Small-Batch Sodas

 - Feb 20, 2018
These botanical flavor innovations range from nutty botanical lattes to artisan small-batch sodas. Sourced from fresh herbs and flowers, these food and beverage creations combine exceptional taste with nourishing ingredients and target health-conscious consumers.

Mimicking flavored artisan spirits, products like Rocktails are an alcohol-free yet tasty alternative to craft beverages with a high alcohol content. The sparkling beverages are made with fresh ingredients like citrus peel, juniper and lavender, and offer a sophisticated blend that is ideal for those looking to cut down on alcohol consumption while cutting their calorie intake at the same time. When it comes to memorable food items, the Matterhorn ice cream from Jeni's is a frozen dessert featuring wildflower honey, almonds and white chocolate flakes and allows consumers to enjoy a guilt-free indulgence.

More botanical flavor innovations to note include spicy herbal chips, sakura-scented coffee blends and even basil-infused drink garnishes like Artisan Sugar's herbal cocktail cubes that instantly take any diy beverage recipe to new heights.