La PaterĂ­a Designed Bold Branding for This Unique Olive Brand

 - Nov 17, 2017
References: thedieline
While olives are not usually associated with sexuality in any form, the creative studio La PaterĂ­a decided to create a brand identity for this olive company that is anything but traditional.

The studio gave the brand the name 'Suck My Olives!' and describes them as olives that are "suitable to be licked or sucked." The olives themselves are organic, and the bitter taste that they are often associated with is reduced with the added flavors the agency chose. The labels on the jars the olives come in feature minimal writing and various tears or holes in them, making them both quirky and distinct in their design.

Products in the collection include a Sweet Sherry Vinegar, a Sweet and Sour, a Curry, a Cajun and a Teriyaki flavor.