- Aug 16, 2018
As many new plant-based products are being developed for flexitarian consumers who do not necessarily dislike the taste of meat but are open to exploring alternatives for environmental, ethical or health reasons, a number of innovative smoky plant-based innovations are being introduced to challenge traditional smoked meats and barbecue culture.

Consumers may now purchase everything from dips and pizzas to chips and holiday roasts, which conveniently offer smoky tastes without the time-consuming process to create the depth of flavor. The Vegetarian Butcher will soon be launching its own take on Dutch-style smoked sausages with a product that is set to appeal to meat eaters in terms of taste and texture.

NYC's Ducks Eatery is a destination for meat-centric meals, but it uses its expertise in preparing meat to craft inventive plant-based dishes with unconventional ingredients. Rather than favoring tofu, soy or another meat substitute, the eatery favors melons for the making of its smoked cantaloupe burgers and smoked watermelon ham.

From Bacon-Flavored Kale Snacks to Smoked Cantaloupe Burgers: