Mingle Jams Offer a Range of Unique Flavor Profiles

 - May 29, 2017
References: mingle.rs & packagingoftheworld
The Serbian brand Mingle offers an array of jams and spreads for consumers who are seeking a more flavorful alternative to the traditional condiment spreads usually offered in the market.

The brand offers a range of distinct flavors that include an Apricot, Ginger and Mint, a Strawberry & Balsamic, a Cherry & Rum, a sweet and sour Raspberry, a Mingle Red Mix, a Mingle Black Mix that contains forest fruit and berries, and a Plum & Cocoa flavor. The spreads are offered in small glass jars with simple labeling that reveals the product's ingredients with bright, playful illustrations.

The Mingle brand is ideal for consumers who are seeking sweet condiments that have a higher fruit content – as the brand offers a 70% fruit content in its products – than the sugar-filled alternatives on the market.