- Jun 25, 2017
Immersive augmented reality technology, interactive chatbots and specialized apps are just a few of the ideas that are present in the top June 2017 mobile marketing concepts.

A number of forward-thinking ideas meld digital technology with tangible objects, resulting in the creation of everything from augmented reality magazine covers and egg cartons to fast food containers and grocery store food labels that can be brought to life with the use of one's phone.

Knowing that many social media users are interested in enhancing their photo-taking skills and presence on Instagram, a number of brands are offering Instagram photography workshops. As of late, this included Häagen-Dazs, LG and gin brand Beefeater, as well as Maserati, which set up a gallery space filled with photo taken by notable influencers on the platform.

From AI Matchmaker Chatbots to Augmented Reality Egg Cartons: