From Artisanal Shoe Shine Kits to Portable Cold Brew Pouches

 - Dec 24, 2017
If you know someone who continues to rock their favorite beanie and flannel combo no matter what the whether, these presents for the hipster might be the perfect fit.

As most people know, hipsters take their drinks very seriously. Whether it is a cocktail or cold brew, a true hipster will let you know if a beverage is up to snuff. In order to keep the hipster in your life happy and hydrated, opt for an artisanal drink such as St. Boniface Brewing's Coffee IPA, Trussings Craft Fuzz sodas, or Corte Vetusto's Mesquite Smoked Mezcal.

Beyond beverages, there are plenty of presents for hipsters with a serious cool factor. For instance, Armstrong's All Natural's artisanal shoe shine boxes come with everything needed to keep boots looking extra clean. Another option is P.F. Candle Co's rustic candles, which bring a touch of the outdoors into any room.