This Oak Smoked Water From Halen Mon is Used for Culinary Adventures

 - Oct 24, 2017
References: halenmon & grubstreet
Unlike many other novel water varieties on the market, this smoked water is meant for cooking purposes instead of satiating thirst. Halen Mon Owners Alison and David Lea-Wilson developed the bottled beverage for chef Heston Blumenthal.

The oak smoked water tastes like burned wood and is made similarly to barrel-aged whiskey. The product makes a yummy addition to "soups and casseroles for a rich, smoky depth," or more adventurous consumers can freeze it as "ice cubes for cocktails." Other suggestions from the Halen Mon website include risotto and savory mayo.

The oak smoked water is made by running filtered tap water through oak chips and oak dust loops for a period of ten days. The result is an amber liquid that has a strong charred wood flavor.