- Dec 25, 2017
From double duty smartphone cases to gilded liquor chillers, these presents for boyfriends are perfect for that special someone.

For the man who takes his grooming routine very seriously, there are plenty of gifts tailored to men's specific needs. For those with high-maintenance facial hair, products such as Siam Botanicals' Pre-Shave Face Wash or Beardology's Coffee Beard Oil help to keep a man's whiskers in check. For men, who are more concerned with staying fresh, Olivina Men's new Bourbon-Cedar All-In-One Body Wash is a luxurious option.

Beyond grooming products, there are a number of presents for boyfriends that can help to promote rest and relaxation. For the man who wants to focus on his favorite tunes, podcast, or audiobook, the Blue Satellite Wireless Amplifier Headphones help to cut through the noise.

From Double Duty Smartphone Cases to Gilded Liquor Chillers: