The NIFTY5 Premium Gold Ice Cubes Add a Premium Touch to Libations

 - Jun 15, 2017
References: amazon & 7gadgets
The NIFTY5 Premium Gold Ice Cubes come in sets of eight and enable you to instantly add a luxurious touch to your libation without having to spend ample money on premium spirits. Crafted to look like diamonds and made from premium stainless steel, the whiskey stones are ideal as a means of chilling a snifter of liquor without having to worry that you'll water it down like with traditional ice.

The NIFTY5 Premium Gold Ice Cubes add a glimmer and shine to any drink and, while designed with cooling straight alcohol in mind, are also ideal for brightening up artisan mixology creations. They can also be used with iced coffee or in whatever other cold beverage you choose to add a pretty gilded touch.