From Beetroot Cocktail Mixers to Liquor Infusion Tools

 - Dec 24, 2017
These gifts for the mixologist are the perfect way to help a loved one perfect their favorite cocktail at home. From craft soda mixers to high-end cocktail tools, there is something for every at-home bar tender to enjoy.

To help the mixologist in your life ensure that their bar is always fully stocked, give them the gift of mixers this holiday season. Some creative new options include Cahoots Cocktail Co.'s botanical syrups, Coca Cola's new Royal Bliss tonic waters, and Morris Kitchen's organic vegetable-based mixers.

Other gifts for the mixologist include high-end accessories that help to turn simple cocktails into works of art. For instance, the Breville Smoking Gun can be used to infuse any drink with a distinctive smokey flavor. Another option is the Beyond Zero Liquor Freezing System, which freezes liquor to prevent the dilution that comes from adding ice cubes to a drink.