The 'Mobilum' Modular Bar Features Space for Creating and Enjoying Drinks

 - May 15, 2017
References: umproject & tuvie
Consisting of two decidedly different halves that have been conjoined together, the 'Mobilum' modular bar by UM Project takes things in a different direction when it comes to offering a space to craft and enjoy cocktails.

The 'Mobilum' was designed for international design agency Force Majeure and is distinctly abstract with a series of sections that swing away from the main portions in order to create something that suits the modern Brooklyn office it will call home.

The 'Mobilum' modular bar can offer as much or as little space to prepare and enjoy mixology as required in order to keep the space it occupies as functional as possible. The 'Mobilum' bar mixes different material textures and accents to make it an exercise in pure modern design brilliance.