Smith & Sinclair Makes Individually Wrapped "Edible Cocktails"

 - Nov 14, 2017
References: smithandsinclair
Smith & Sinclair sets itself apart as a confectionery brand for adults that specializes in "edible cocktails." It produces gin, vodka and whisky gummy candies, with each pastille equivalent to about half a shot at 7% ABV.

The premium alcohol-infused confections are described as being "somewhere between an American Hard Gum and a fruit jelly," with flavor options including classics like the Gin & Tonic, Whisky Sour and the Long Island Iced Tea. To consume, the brand describes that it is best to lightly chew the treats and let them dissolve in the mouth.

Smith & Sinclair makes boxed sets that include the Vodka Selection, Gin Selection, Whiskey Selection and a Large Mixed Selection, which contains an assortment of its edible cocktails.