The Beyond Zero Liquor Freezing System Enhances Cocktails

 - May 25, 2017
References: bzice & uncrate
The Beyond Zero Liquor Freezing System enhances cocktails and avoids the "watering down" that can occur when ice is added to them.

The machine functions as an ice maker, but rather than freezing water it is able to freeze liquor, wine, or mixed cocktails. The system is able to freeze these beverages in a matter of minutes, and works to ensure that drinks do not get watered down with the addition of traditional melting ice cubes. According to the brand behind the Beyond Zero Liquor Freezing System, liquor-based ice is colder than regular ice, and is able to frost the drinker's glass and smoke – making for an excellent visual presentation.

This liquor freezing machine is ideal for bars who are seeking to step up what they offer, as well as alcohol aficionados who are seeking to add to their home bars.