From Invite-Only Eateries to Exclusive Concert Events

 - Feb 15, 2018
While VIP experiences aren't a new concept, these 35 examples highlight the ingenious ways in which brands are going above and beyond to offer consumers a memorable and uniquely curated experience.

Recently, the United Airlines' Newark International Airport opened an invite-only eatery, that's available to its high paying clientele. According to the brand, the exclusive restaurant was created to enhance the overall journey of a traveler. On a similar note, Punta Cana International Airport updated its VIP lounge to include a luxurious infinity pool.

Brands like Aston Martin are levering exclusivity to encourage consumers to purchase its vehicles, through offering a one-of-a-kind travel experience that involves private helicopter rides, a personal greeting from the brand's CEO and a day-long car driving experience with a professional chauffeur.

While extravagant offerings appeal to the masses, very few can afford the luxuries, which is why brands are thanking its loyal consumers with activation ideas like free concerts, special perks, and invite-only guest lectures, that are more accessible to the general public.