- Sep 11, 2017
These wellness-themed alcohol innovations range from superfood-infused cocktails to in-bar ice baths like Amstel's 'Cold Tub Pub' activation. In addition to offering the brand's cool beverage to visitors, the pop-up featured an ice bath option for cyclists following the Prudential Ride London race.

Similar events to note include the 'Classics & Classics' pop-up bar which paired craft Sauvelle Vodka cocktails with The Drop Date's top sneaker picks. The unique activation embraced consumers' growing obsession with athleisure and wellness, proving that indulgences are even more enjoyable when enjoyed in moderation, and balanced with healthy lifestyle choices.

Other wellness-themed alcohol innovations include Barbell Brew's high protein beer blend, and the ETHOS boutique gym concept which pairs high intensity workouts with rejuvenating spaces, and an in-house bar serving healthy drink mixes and wine blends.

From In-Bar Ice Baths to Cycling Wine Tours: