The Wand from Pure Wine Filters Out Hangover-Causing Elements

 - Aug 24, 2017
References: drinkpurewine & thedailymeal
Plenty of companies have offered up products that supposedly cure morning hangovers after a long night of drinking, but Pure Wine's newest product, 'The Wand,' cures hangovers before a drop even passes one's lips. Rather than targeting hangovers after drinking, The Wand filters out the components in wine that cause hangovers in the first place, ensuring that drinkers wake up fresh and headache-free.

Most wine-drinkers know the side effects of the vino: headaches, congestion, redness, and that general hungover feeling. These come from the histamines and sulfites that naturally occur in wine. Those elements don't add anything to wine's flavor characteristics, so there's no downside to removing them. The Wand filters out 95 percent of histamines and sulfites without using any chemicals or additives, leaving wine that's even better than it was before.