The Purity Organic Sparkling Beverages Contain Real Juice

 - Aug 25, 2017
References: preparedfoods
The major soda companies are being dethroned by artisan brands that are boasting better ingredients and a healthier product like the new Purity Organic Sparkling Beverages. Positioned as a sparkling beverage that contains 15% organic juice, the drinks are formulated with 100% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C without sacrificing on taste.

The Purity Organic Sparkling Beverages contain just 20 to 30 calories per can and contain no added sugar, artificial flavors or ingredients. The sparkling drinks come in four flavor options including Grapefruit, Mandarin, Watermelon and Lemon.

Director of Marketing for the brand, Bernadette Aguirre, explained the new drinks when she said, "Consumers want an organic, low calorie option that has a richer taste and functional benefits. Purity Organic Sparkling delivers on functionality through the 100% RDI of Vitamin C and the taste experience is both delicious and playful which is why we’re marketing Sparkling as ‘Feel Good Fizz.'"