From Sparkling Organic Teas to Low Calorie Soda Alternatives

 - Mar 20, 2018
These diet-friendly beverage options are ideal for those looking to enjoy a healthier alternative to traditional juices, sodas or caffeinated drinks. While sparkling sodas and juices are a popular on-the go refreshment, they can often be packed with artificial flavor enhancements and a high sugar count -- something that products like sparkling organic teas and low calorie sodas address.

While SanPellegrino's sparkling tea range replaces refined sugars with organic ingredients, Rio's tropical refreshments offer maximum flavor with no sweeteners at all. Other standouts include botanical waters like Dry's sparkling lavender water, and SD Watersboten's 'Blue Vervain' elixir which aims to relax and uplift drinkers with a combination of calming herbs.

Other diet-friendly beverage options to note include ZenBasil's flavored drink range which is sourced from basil seeds -- a superfood that has been relied on for centuries -- and Sonic's pickle juice slushie which is a low calorie take on the QSR chain's more classic menu items.