SD Watersboten Makes "Herbal Table Water" to Uplift, Relax and Restore

 - Jul 5, 2017
References: amazon & sdwatersboten
SD Watersboten is a producer of fine "Herbal Table Water" in premium varieties like Blue Vervain, Rhodiola Rosea and Angelica that boast functional benefits.

These bottled water beverages are said to have been developed "for the rarefied palate" and each one is formulated to serve a different purpose. While the relaxing Blue Vervain variety is described as full-bodied and silky, the light-bodied Angelica is said to have subtle mood-boosting therapeutic qualities. Like a fine wine or a premium spirit, these non-alcoholic beverages are meant to be served in a glass with a stem over ice.

Rising consumer interest in wine culture and non-alcoholic beverages around the world has created a niche for a variety of premium water products to emerge, alongside water sommeliers and upscale water tasting bars, all of which allow adults to partake in aspects of alcohol culture.