Rio Tropical Drinks Have a New, Revamped Visual Brand Identity

 - May 2, 2017
References: pearlfisher & packagingoftheworld
Rio Tropical is a drink that was first introduced in the mid-80s, and the brand recently enlisted the creative agency Pearlfisher to reimagine its visual brand identity to better suit the interests of the modern-day consumer.

The brand believed that it was "in danger of becoming dated and kitsch," due to the fact that it still had the same visual brand identity that it started with. As a result, Pearlfisher chose to create a new identity that is able to focus on the interests and preferences of younger, more "down-to-earth" demographics. The resulting Rio Tropical drinks evoke images of the summer, with illustrations of tropical fruits and images covering the cans and bottles that the products are offered in.

Rio Tropical's new visual brand identity works to better appeal to the visual preferences of modern consumers.