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Top Lists

Grouping similar ideas together to provide you with lists of the most popular and exciting products and developments, Trend Hunter’s clusters category offers the latest insight on top trends in design, fashion, technology and business.
10 Winter-Ready Running Gear
10 Winter-Ready Running Gear
From Winter Training Activewear to Thermoregulating Running Gear
Continuing athletic training through the winter can be challenging for many and this of 10 winter-ready running gear offers a comprehensive list of technical garments that helps runners prevail in... MORE
12 Vegan Chocolate Innovations
12 Vegan Chocolate Innovations
From Dairy-Free Easter Egg Chocolates to Vegan Frozen Dessert Bars
These vegan chocolate innovations range from dairy-free Easter egg treats to vegan-friendly frozen dessert bars. With more consumers embracing a plant-based diet for both health and ethical reasons,... MORE
25 Single-Use Packaging Innovations
25 Single-Use Packaging Innovations
From Single-Serve Coffee Packs to Individual Festive Treats
These single-use packaging innovations range from compact coffee pouches to festive marshmallow treats that are meant to be enjoyed individually. When it comes to the food sector, standouts... MORE
Top 100 Branding Trends in 2020
Top 100 Branding Trends in 2020
From Quarantine-Themed Rebrands to Sarcastic Beverage Marketing
These 2020 branding trends range from quarantine-themed rebrands to sarcastic beverage marketing. While fast food giant McDonald’s and banana distributor Chiquita both launched recent... MORE
80 Gifts for Fitness Lovers
80 Gifts for Fitness Lovers
From Home Boxing Trainers to All-Terrain Fitness Systems
With many opting for home workouts during the COVID-19 pandemic, these gifts for fitness lovers are sure to provide some ideas for those who are looking to reach their goals wherever they are. To... MORE
70 Gifts for Camping-Lovers
70 Gifts for Camping-Lovers
From Utility-Focused Outerwear Clogs to Tree-Free Camping Hammocks
From utility-focused outerwear clogs to tree-free camping hammocks, this gift guide has everything a campaigning enthusiast might need on their next trip. One standout from the list of gifts for... MORE
100 Gift Ideas for Sneakerheads
100 Gift Ideas for Sneakerheads
From Blush Tonal Chunky Footwear to Bronze Silver Luxe Sneakers
This holiday season is unlike one that we have experienced before, however, gifting our loved ones and supporting their passions can still be done—these gift ideas for sneakerheads are perfect... MORE
30 Dad-Approved Gift Ideas
30 Dad-Approved Gift Ideas
From Bacteria-Repelling Travel Bags to Heavy-Duty Protection Gloves
Those seeking some inspiration to buy gifts for their dad can find inspiration in this curated list of dad-approved gift ideas. Ranging from bacteria-repelling travel bags to heavy-duty protection... MORE
Witch Hazel Serum
Witch hazel is being incorporated into facial serums
Trend - Many consumers are familiar with the use of witch hazel in toners, and the natural ingredient is now increasingly being adapted into facial serums. The calming and astringent properties of witch hazel help individuals with inflammed, acne-prone skin.
Workshop Question - How could your brand reformat a traditional product, service or ingredient?
Top 100 Unique Trends for 2021
Top 100 Unique Trends for 2021
From Luxury Fashion-Branded Cookies to Actor-Themed Face Masks
From luxury fashion-branded cookies to actor-themed face masks, this list of 2021 unique trends showcases unusual and novel products. One standout from the round of 2021 unique trends is the... MORE
25 Bedding Design Innovations
25 Bedding Design Innovations
From Snore-Preventing Pillows to Antimicrobial Bed Linen Sets
These bedding design innovations include snore-preventing pillows to antimicrobial bed linen sets. With consumers continuing to social distance in the comfort of their own home for the long term&#... MORE
20 Air Quality Innovations
20 Air Quality Innovations
From Portable Air Purifiers to Kitchen-Sanitizing Range Hoods
These air quality innovations range from portable air purifiers to kitchen-sanitizing range hoods. With the masses staying inside as a COVID-19 safety measure, good indoor air quality is more of a... MORE
20 Dry January Innovations
20 Dry January Innovations
From Non-Alcoholic Wine Clubs to Alcohol-Free Gin Alternatives
These dry January innovations range from non-alcoholic wine clubs to alcohol-free gin alternatives. With 2021 underway, many consumers are setting new goals and looking to stick to health-conscious... MORE
Top 100 Mobile Trends in 2020
Top 100 Mobile Trends in 2020
From Avatar Video Chat Apps to Gamified Billboard Ads
These 2020 mobile trends range from avatar video chat apps to gamified billboard ads. Standouts include Natural Synthetics, “an app where Snapchat users can use a digital avatar and discover... MORE
20 Gifts for Animal Lovers
20 Gifts for Animal Lovers
From Conservation-Themed Sportswear to Animal-Inspired Home Decor
These gifts for animal lovers range from conservation-themed sportswear to animal-inspired home decor. Standouts include French sportwear brand Lacoste’s recent Lacoste x National Geographic... MORE
15 Avocado-Themed Gift Ideas
15 Avocado-Themed Gift Ideas
From Freshness-Preserving Guacamole Containers to Avocado Puff Snacks
These avocado-themed gift ideas range from freshness-preserving guacamole containers to artisan avocado puff snacks. Artisan snack standouts include Compartés Chocolatier’s tasty Avocado &... MORE
35 Gift Ideas for Home Chefs
35 Gift Ideas for Home Chefs
From AI Kitchen Appliances to Sanitizer-Equipped Cutting Boards
These gift ideas for home chefs cover the latest appliances, tools, food storage solutions, and more—appealing to both skilled chefs and those just looking to outfit their kitchens with some handy... MORE
25 Gift Ideas for Yogis
25 Gift Ideas for Yogis
From Hot Yoga-Approved Mascaras to Jackson Pollock Yoga Mats
With many opting for at-home workouts over quarantine, there’s never been a better time to help the yogi in your life outfit their personal studio. For the dedicated hot yoga practitioner,... MORE
20 Gifts for Stationery Lovers
20 Gifts for Stationery Lovers
From Chromatic Gel Crayon to Woodland-Inspired Stationery Accessory
Ranging from chromatic gel crayons to woodland-inspired stationery accessories, this list of gifts for stationery lovers will serve to provide inspiration for those drawing a blank for holiday... MORE
10 Sleepwear Gift Ideas
10 Sleepwear Gift Ideas
From Board Game Sleepwear Lines to Cozy Playful Pajamas
From board game sleepwear lines to cozy playful pajamas, this list of sleepwear gift ideas will inspire you to find the perfect cozy sleepwear for your family and friends. One standout from the... MORE
15 Male Grooming Gift Ideas
15 Male Grooming Gift Ideas
From Intimate Male Grooming Brushes to Ingrown Hair Serums
Those looking for a thought male grooming gift idea for a loved one this holiday season can use this list as a guide of popular products that the receiver will adore. The list covers a range of... MORE
20 Inclusive Fashion Gifts
20 Inclusive Fashion Gifts
From Inclusive Co-Branded Leggings to Body-Positive Swimwear
Those looking to gift a friend or loved one an inclusive fashion gift may be drawn to this inspirational list that offers a variety of gift ideas, ranging from inclusive co-branded leggings to body-... MORE
30 Gifts for Coffee Lovers
30 Gifts for Coffee Lovers
From User-Friendly Java Appliances to Carbon-Neutral Coffee Cups
From user-friendly java appliances to carbon-neutral coffee cups, this list of gifts for coffee lovers will serve as inspiration for those struggling to find presents. For eco-conscious coffee... MORE
35 Home Decor Gift Ideas
35 Home Decor Gift Ideas
From Curated Decor Subscriptions to Design-Conscious Air Purifiers
These home decor gift ideas range from curated decor subscriptions to design-conscious air purifiers. Standouts include Swedish design retailer IKEA’s Styled decor kits—“the... MORE
45 Gifts for Gamers
45 Gifts for Gamers
From Video Game-Inspired Streetwear to Surround Sound Headsets
With so much excitement surrounding the release of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X consoles, there’s plenty of options when it comes to gifts for gamers this year. In anticipation of... MORE