- Sep 28, 2017
From spiced pumpkin matcha powders to millennial pink tequilas, the September 2017 beverage trends reveal an intense focus on aesthetics over taste. In other words, today's drinks are increasingly crafted for the image-conscious Instagram generation.

On the one hand, color has become a clever way for drink manufacturers to set their products apart. Beverages such as Codigo 150 Rosa Tequila -- which boasts a 'millennial pink' hue -- demonstrate the impact that color can have on a product's popularity. The same can be said of Shatto Milk Company's limited-edition cookies and cream flavored milk, which came in a inky black hue to match the recent solar eclipse.

One noteworthy example of a drink highlighted by the September 2017 beverage trends that takes the idea of bold colors to the extreme is the Magic Potion tea by DAVIDsTEA. This tea not only tastes ultra refreshing, but with just a splash of lemon juice, the drink changes from pink to blue.

From Spiced Pumpkin Matcha Powders to Millennial Pink Tequilas: