The Coco Aloha Cappuccino is Made with a Base of Creamy Coconut Milk

Coco Aloha is launching in Austria as a 100% vegan coconut milk cappuccino that's free from gluten, allergens and lactose. Coconut milk was selected as the creamy base for this beverage and boasts a range of vitamins, minerals plus an easy-to-digest formula that also stimulates the metabolism and sates hunger. The to-go beverage is conveniently packaged in a takeout-style cup for on-the-go drinking.

Alongside its Cappuccino product, Coco Aloha also makes a 'Kakao' variety that offers the taste of cacao.

A growing number of consumers are looking for ready-to-drink coffee-style beverages like lattes and cold brews that are pre-blended with plant-based milk alternatives, which boast plenty of benefits for the body as well as great taste.